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Clubber v2.5.2 - Events Music

Clubber is the appropriate theme for dj’s and club music fans. It’s simple to use and personalize, comes loaded with strong tools for events managing, sharing music, videos and much more.

Clubber can display your upcoming events in a really nice manner. You can display each event on their own map, the length of the event and also the availability of the tickets.

What this chapter offers you is that you can post a full album from an artist using self hosted audio files or embedded sounds from SoundCloud. You can also post the genre of music, release date, and if you want you can purchase the album.

Clubber also allows you to have how manny photo albums you like. Once you create the desired album, in there you can post any gallery that pleasures you.

If you want to share any kind of videos from YouTube or Vimeo you are in the right place.

Demo Clubber v2.5.2 – Events & Music WordPress Theme

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