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KLEO v1.5 - Next level

Extremely flexible, Fully customizable WordPress Multi-Purpose theme to fit your demanding needs.

You no longer need to be a professional developer or designer to create an awesome website. Easily create a stunning community, company presentation or membership website. Let your imagination run wild and create the site of your dreams. KLEO has all the tools to get you started.

Version 1.5 – 14.06.2014

- New feature: Fetch the image from the post if there is no Featured image set - Added new option "Visibility status" to the Row shortcode so you can keep draft sections not to appear in Front-End - Added Theme option Main menu Font size - Menu improvements - Facebook Login API 2.0 compatibility - Compatibility with some Visual composer related plugins that were messing with template columns - Fixed Visual composer Single image element to work with new Design options and added styles attribute - Buddypress Activity Page shortcode added – Show Activity page in any site area - Added Woocommerce shortcodes in Visual Composer - Blog posts views responsive improvement - Enabled image lightbox for all post content images with links to larger image version - Allow the Likes button to show in single articles page even if Social share option is disabled - Buddypress breadcrumb improvements - Fix Buddypress profile fields alignment issue on some profile fields types - Posts Carousel added extra attribute: height to force a height on carousel elements - Small background colors moved to dynamic.php - Topmenu Ajax Search added to dynamic color system - Small style changes to magnific-popup - Buddypress Group page user interface improvements when only Admin/Mods were shown in the header - Fixed custom archive post type displayed title - Fixed Breadcrumb area so it can be hidden automatically when title, breadcrumb and info are disabled - Cometchat plugin compatibility - Rounded avar fix on some mobile devices - Small fix when rtMedia is deactivated - Crop avatar rounded preview – according to this post - Fixed Buddypress Group cropping issue when editing existing avatar - WooCommerce “NEW BADGE” fix - Styled Woocommerce Wishlist Social Share section - Woo buttons background color fix for Safari browser - WooCommerce small styles fix - Changed BuddyPress profile edit template file to match new BuddyPress logic - Changed Buddypress register template with the new structure from Buddypress and adjusted the register page for mobile devices - Small WooCommerce colors added to dynamic color system - Some text inputs & textareas color fixes - Extra check for the body background image not to be used when using a wide site layout - WPML top menu language switcher now takes all the settings from WPML plugin Languages page. Removed the option “Show language flag in menu” from Theme options – Header options since now the flag depends on the plugin settings - Paid memberships Pro account page – If Buddypress is enabled, clicking the profile and change password links will take you to the Buddypress profile page now - Ajax search color fixes when header is transparent. - Removed some static Font Family declarations from site style and linked them to Theme options chosen Font Updated plugins: Visual Composer v4.2.3, Revolution Slider v4.5.3, K-elements 1.5.0 

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