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TOP10 - Themeforest

TOP10 is a Multimedia WordPress Tube that is ideal to create a dynamic & interactive portal with videos, music, images, blogs, recipes, restaurants, touristic sites, multimedia channels and more…

you can use a multiple search approach that instantely filters the corresponding categories based on the type of post you selected.

there are currently 4 General Posts:

  • Multimedia
  • Recipes
  • Places
  • Blog & Pages

Every Post includes a list of categories for example:

If you select the Post”RECIPES” then the category list includes different type of cuisines e.g Italian, Jordanian, Seafood, Vegetarian…

If you select the Post “Places” then the category list would include different type of places e.g. Hotels, Restaurants, Places, Attractions…

So let’s a concrete examples: if you’re looking for a Jordanian Recipe from Amman that includes steak then you need to select:

Post: “Recipes” Category: “Jordanian” Location: “Amman” (if you start typing the 3 first letters then the system will provide with auto-completion, so in this case type “Amm” Tag: “Steak”

Demo TOP10 – Themeforest WordPress Multimedia Tube

Download TOP10 – Themeforest WordPress Multimedia Tube


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